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Ensure only compliant contractors are on-site.

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Our site access management solution can prevent non-compliant contractors entering client sites. Workers check-in by scanning a QR code with their mobile and the platform verifies their compliance in real time.

Eliminate Paperwork and Sign In Books

A fully digital solution replaces antiquated check-in procedures and site access solutions.

Know Who is on Location at Any Time

Gain real time visibility of who is on-site to support safety, security and emergency procedures.

Ensure Everyone Onsite is Compliant

Real time checking of compliance status grants or denies site access.

Keep Audit Trail of Attendance Records

The platform stores all check-in and check-out information by location. Easily export to CSV file for further analysis.

Connects to

We independently verify the compliance of contractors. We also assess contractors to identify any safety, environmental or legal risks.

We verify employee level compliance to meet client requirements such as ID verification, inductions, licences and police checks.

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