It's the end of contractor uncertainty.

iPRO automates compliance management of contractors
to save you time, money, and risk.

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Manually tracking contractor compliance is complex, time-consuming, and risky.

Chasing documentation, checking it, following up. . . And as soon as you get it done there's bound to be someone new starting − it
just never ends. Even worse, if anything goes wrong, you're the one that's liable.
Save yourself the hassle with PRO's Contractor Pre-Qualification and safety management platform.




Comprehensive Assessments

Our people are experts in due diligence. iPRO will thoroughly assess your contractors' organisational structures and operations to make sure there are no potential problems. And we'll stay on top of all the details, so you don't have to.


Complete Paper Trail

Not only do we take care of collecting all the documentation; we take care of filing it too. All declarations and documents are securely stored and monitored on the iPRO platform, so they're ready for an audit at any time.


Automatic Document Verification

It's the end of chasing contractors for the docs you need. We understand that everyone is busy, so we've automated the verification of their public liability insurance, professional indemnity, workers compensation and ABN/GST registrations to get you started. Plus, automated reminders are sent for expiring licences and safety documents.


Significantly Lowers Risk

iPRO's contractor management solution doesn't just reduce your workload; it'll probably reduce your stress levels too. Our comprehensive, automated process can lower your compliance risk by up to 72%.


Issues Red Flagged

If we find anything you need to know about, we'll tell you. And with real-time site access management via contactless QR codes you’ll never have a non-compliant contractor on site again.


Saves Time and Money

Automating your compliance checks can save your admin team up to 200 hours per contractor and up to 80% in compliance costs.


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