To take action on modern slavery, you need an action plan.

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With a recent report estimating that over 40 million people are in modern slavery globally, every business is at risk of having human rights issues somewhere in their supply chain.

You might be confident that there are no modern slavery issues with your suppliers, but what about their suppliers? And the suppliers below them? Even if you can’t see it yet, their business practices can have a significant impact on your business—and your brand.


Download this whitepaper and get an action plan to help your suppliers - and their suppliers - reduce your modern slavery risk.

Find out how to

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Obtain a comprehensive picture of your modern slavery risk


Prioritise where and how to take action


Establish company goals to address modern slavery


Encourage processes and policies change with first- and lower-tier suppliers


Involve and incentivise staff to help make the changes you require.


Work with other businesses in your sector to develop and disseminate industrywide standards

Why you need this guide

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The Closing the Gap on Modern Slavery Action Plan is designed for businesses that need to publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement.

It will help you understand and identify the key factors in your supply chain that increase the risk of modern slavery, and take the right steps with all suppliers to reduce your modern slavery risk across your supply chain.

Your Modern Slavery Statement is due 30 September 2021, so download your action plan today.