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We determine each contractor’s risks and verify
their unique set of compliance requirements.

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We independently verify the compliance of contractors including their insurances, licences, registrations and certifications. We also assess contractors to identify any safety, environmental or legal risks.

Automate Contractor Verification Saving Time and Money

Intelligent pre-qualification and assessment questions with standardised categories. Client and service category questions are easily configured. Contractors are automatically reminded of pending expiries.

Reduce Risk and Achieve Real Time Transparency

Risks and disclosures are automatically highlighted to clients. Risks can be accepted or rejected, immediately effecting compliance. Standardised risk analytics promote consistency across the client’s organisation.

Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Compliance

Gain access to real time compliance information. Analyse data to generate actionable insights and drive improvement.

Build Trusted Partnerships with Your Contractors

Support procurement with an expanded pool of compliant contractors that already meet your requirements.

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We verify employee level compliance to meet client requirements such as ID verification, inductions, licences and police checks.

Our site access management solution prevents non-compliant contractors from entering client sites.

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