Easily automate your compliance admin, and get on with running your business

iPRO is an online technology platform, which stores all your work-related compliance documents and credentials. Licences, insurances, policies and other certificates are maintained in one location and shared instantly with your hiring clients.

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Auto-reminders keep track of expiring documents and credentials. This helps ensure your compliance status remains green, helping build trusted partnerships with your hiring clients.

Promote. Meet. Award.

Let iPRO help you reach new hiring clients. Once you’ve established your business profile under your main hiring client, other iPRO hiring clients can discover your profile and connect.

No additional subscription fees are payable when you connect to multiple hiring clients that request the same level of compliance management.

Upgrade and qualify for Gold status

Show other hiring clients that you have achieved the highest level of contractor compliance with iPRO. It’s just another great way to promote your services and business.

Our friendly team are here to help you work through any gaps so you are best placed to achieve your compliance goals.

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