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Taking compliance to the next level with
iPRO Smart Badges.

5,000+ Companies trust iPRO

5,000+ Companies trust iPRO


Eliminate paperwork and improve risk management by going beyond Health and Safety. With automated Licence and Insurance Verification for peace of mind that your contractor compliance is up-to-date with live data links in one single source of truth (badges).

Build greater responsiveness and mitigate supply chain risks by enabling compliance and quality management principles and streamlining risk profiling (process) for your vendors.

Bring your third party risk assessment to the next level by introducing automated evidence-based assessments, establishing effective policy and procedure management and implementing risk analysis dashboards.

Ensure contractor staff compliance by using Induction Automation System, Credential Verification and Licence Monitoring with automated licence checking capability.

Risk. Eliminated.

72% reduction in compliance risks

Admin. Automated.

80% reduction in compliance costs

Process. Optimised.

200 man hours saved per contractor

Data. Secured.

99.9% uptime

Smart Badges

iPRO's Smart Badges are changing the way companies verify their contractor’s credentials. iPRO uses big data and subject matter experts to automate credential verification and award smart badges.

Start simple and select the badges that are right for your compliance requirements or choose a Bundle of Smart Badges built with specific industries or business risks in mind.

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