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At the core of every Aged Care organisation is the mission to deliver quality, inclusive care to all Australian.  The growing complexity of health and regulatory changes for even the most prepared organisation challenges this mission.

iPRO’s Health & Aged Care solutions help reduce your team's administrative burden of managing compliance and business risk, while keeping pace with the changing landscape of regulatory obligations. Our fully managed service combines the power of technology and people to ensure the compliance requirements of contractors, suppliers and allied health professionals are in place when providing services to your facilities, whether on site or within your supply chain.

One platform to manage your obligations

Contractor Management

Improve organisational efficiency with automated risk assessments and the independent verification of contractor's compliance requirements including insurances, licences and safety and environmental documents.

Smart Assessments

Understand your obligations and provide deep, actionable insights on a range of requirements including COVID-19 Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Modern Slavery and Cyber Security so you can meet the future with confidence.

iPRO Access App

A site access management solution can prevent non-compliant contractors entering client sites in real time.

Worker Compliance

We verify compliance down to the employee level to meet client requirements such as influenza vaccinations, inductions police checks and competencies.

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Risk. Eliminated.

Compliance risks reduced by 70%

Admin. Automated.

Compliance costs saved by up to 80%

Process. Optimised.

Conditional and skip logic assessments

Data. Secured.

State-of-the-art security with ISO 27001

Business Integrity & Trust

iPRO's digital Smart Badges help businesses build greater consumer and client trust by demonstrating a commitment to meeting industry standards.

Badges are awarded on verification of credentials or the completion of a Smart Assessment and can be displayed by third parties on websites, tenders, email signatures and marketing materials.


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Why iPRO

iPRO's industry-specific solutions put you back in control by helping anticipate, identify, and act across a range of regulatory areas, reducing your overall exposure and ensuring business integrity




Independent Verification
ISO certified verification process.


Real Time Tracking
Not just a once-off check. Lifetime monitoring.


Robust Data Security & Privacy
ISO27001 certified platform.


Local Australian Support Team
All data stored and processed in Australia.


Verification Experts
Over 100 million checks performed and counting.


Price Guarantee
Independent verification. Lowest cost. Guaranteed.