Take action on modern slavery with iPRO’s Smart Assessment and Analytics

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You've read the action plan. You know there's more to the issue of modern slavery than simply complying with regulatory reporting. To drive real change, you need to know exactly where and how to act.

iPRO’s modern slavery Smart Assessment will identify your supply chain risks and provide recommendations on the action you can take to go beyond compliance and drive real change.

Experience the iPRO platform before your September deadline and receive a risk rating of your top 15 suppliers to help form the basis of your Modern Slavery Statement.

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What's included

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Automated 19 question assessment relating to modern slavery risk management, downstream supply chain management, labour policies and employment practices sent to your top 15 suppliers.


Overview of risk rating classification across those 15 suppliers.


Onboarding assistance from our Melbourne-based Customer Care team.


All declarations are securely stored by iPRO and flagged as auditable at any time.

Avoid the legal headache and take real action on modern slavery with your free trial of the iPRO platform.