Do you know if your supply chain has a modern slavery blind spot?

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You might be confident that there are no modern slavery issues with your suppliers, but what about their suppliers? And the suppliers below them?

With the complexity of today’s global supply chains, knowing how and where to act on modern slavery compliance is a challenging proposition. But government regulations and stakeholder expectations make it vital for Australian businesses to address the issue comprehensively. And it needs to happen quickly.

Your Modern Slavery Statement is due 30 September 2021.

All businesses with a revenue of $A100m or more are required to publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement identifying the risk of modern slavery practices occurring in their business, including their supply chains, and what they're doing to mitigate these risks.


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Know just where to act with iPRO's Modern Slavery Assessment

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Quickly assesses all suppliers and contractors, for an instant overview of your business's risks across your supply chain.


Uncover blind spots and potential areas for concern. Our Smart Assessment automatically dives deeper into flagged risks and provides you with recommendations to help mitigate them.


Receive a full insight report that can form the basis of your Modern Slavery Statement.


All declarations are securely stored by iPRO and are auditable at any time.

Get a complete understanding of where your modern slavery risks lie.

Speak with our team to meet the September deadline and discover where and how to act on modern slavery compliance with iPRO's Smart Assessment.