iPRO is committed to providing high quality development, support training and implementation services to all its Clients, internally and externally.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

• Client satisfaction is the hallmark of iPRO services, and the quality of our work is paramount to retaining our market position and paving
the way for future growth. iPRO’s services will always meet or exceed Client requirements.
• The Quality Policy is a critical factor in achieving the desired level of Client satisfaction and must take a high priority in all our meetings
and communications.
• Quality service is the responsibility of all team members.
• The team must feel confident that all input is regarded as valuable and that each team member is valued equally.


In keeping with our quality principles iPRO will:

• Ensure the effectiveness of the QSER Manual is reviewed at least annually in the Management Review Meeting and a general audit is
conducted and reviewed annually.
• Establish measurable objectives and produce statistical reports to review performance against objectives in Management Review Meetings.
Quality Objectives will be reviewed and modified or replaced as circumstances change.
• Comply with standards including ISO9001:2015, our legal requirements as well as client contractual requirements.
• Consult with all team members and other stakeholders and involve staff in the decision-making processes through induction training and
regular team meetings to improve the effectiveness of the QSER Manual.
• Make the iPRO Quality Policy available to our clients through the iPRO website.
• The Quality policy is reviewed annually prior to our annual Internal Audit. IPRO #team input will be invited and included as appropriate.