Supporting new measures to protect aged care residents

Residents of aged care facilities are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection and are more vulnerable to serious complications if they do become infected. As there is currently no vaccination to prevent COVID-19, avoidance of exposure is the single most important measure for preventing COVID-19 in this setting.

Residential aged care facilities must implement measures to prevent introduction of COVID-19 into their facility and ensure they are prepared to manage outbreaks of COVID-19 if they occur.

From 1 May 2020, the Department of Health have introduced a new law requiring flu vaccinations for all aged care staff and visiting workers (e.g. trades people) to aged care facilities. This important measure is critical to reducing the risk of aged care residents getting other illnesses, while COVID-19 remains in our community.

Aged care providers are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that a person does not enter or remain on the premises, if they do not meet the influenza vaccination requirements.  They need to seek appropriate evidence of immunisation status from all visitors seeking to enter the facility.

For more information on the new legislation, click here to download Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Restrictions on entry into and visitors to aged care facilities.

Since the Government announcement, iPRO has worked swiftly with aged care providers to develop the online tools and communication platforms required to collect and report on the immunisation status of visiting workers.

iPRO is offering a free support service for aged care facilities to help meet the new legislated immunisation requirements issued by the Department of Health on the 2 April 2020.  Find out more by calling us on (03) 9831 0256.  We are here to help.