iPRO acknowledges the role of risk management as critical to the continuity and controlled provision of our services.

iPRO’s Risk Management Policy is based on the following principles:

• A comprehensive Risk Management Plan covering all relevant internal and external risk factors critical to maintaining our competitiveness
and profit margins where costs are high.
• Risk based thinking is part of all iPRO processes and is the responsibility of the entire team to implement and maintain.
• Training is essential to ensure the process of risk identification, analysis, corrective/preventative actioning is communicated, understood,
and implemented.


In keeping with our Risk Management principles iPRO will:

• Develop, implement, and maintain an effective Risk Management Plan and Business Continuity Plan.
• Ensure training is provided periodically to all team members on risk management relative to their responsibilities.
• Ensure the effectiveness of the QSER Manual is reviewed at least annually in the Management Review Meeting and a general audit is
conducted annually
• Review the Company Risk Register at least annually and as otherwise deemed necessary.
• Establish measurable objectives and produce statistical reports to review performance against objectives in Management Review Meetings.
Objectives will be reviewed and modified or replaced as circumstances change.
• Comply with standards including ISO31000:2009, our legal requirements and client contractual requirements.
• The Risk Management policy is reviewed annually prior to our annual Internal Audit. iPRO staff input will be invited and included as appropriate.