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We operate the world’s most innovative and connected third party risk management platform.

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Intelligent Assessment

Every one of your suppliers, vendors and contractors has a unique Compliance DNA. Unlike traditional “one size fits all” approaches to compliance management, our platform determines each contractors DNA and verifies their unique set of compliance requirements.

Unravelling Compliance DNA

Compliance requirements are determined by dynamic variables including activities undertaken, locations worked on and clients worked for. We track these variables in real time to determine each contractor’s unique Compliance DNA – this defines what each contractor requires to be compliant:

  • – Assessments
  • – Checks
  • – Insurances
  • – Certifications
  • – Licences
  • – Registrations

Connected Data Ecosystem

We’re augmenting compliance data using a connected ecosystem of links to government databases and third party data sources.

Leaders in Technology

We’re developing intelligent compliance automation using artificial intelligence techniques:

Machine Vision

Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation

We’re enabling real time enterprise risk intelligence and unprecedented insight and transparency across supplier networks.

Growing Partner Network

We have a growing network of channel partners and platform integrations:

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