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One platform to manage your business risk and compliance obligations with ease.

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We know that as a contractor, time is money.

Meeting the growing expectations of clients and Government regulations is both resource and time intensive, hampering your ability to get on with the job and hard to keep up with.

iPRO’s digital solutions help take the effort out of managing your obligations with one simple, easy to use platform.

With iPRO’s Contractor Compliance solutions, your insurances, licenses and safety documents are independently verified, risk assessed and stored, demonstrating your commitment to safety standards to current and potential clients.


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How it works


Register your business via the invitation link you receive from your client.  iPRO prefills your business profile using government and trusted data sources to make registration a breeze.


Complete pre-qualification. A short questionnaire determines which insurances, certifications, policies and procedures your organisation must hold to demonstrate your work readiness to clients. iPRO automatically verifies your business credentials using trusted data sources reducing the evidence you need to provide.


Invite your workforce. If your workers visit client sites you may be asked to invite them to register with iPRO. Workers can securely share their credentials and complete inductions to ensure they are ready to work safely on site.


Monitor and maintain. iPRO will proactively monitor your compliance providing timely alerts of expiring compliance requirements.

Services & inclusions

Improve Compliance Rates

We independently verify all credentials so you don’t have to. Some credentials are automatically uploaded and maintained by iPRO with our advanced technology, so clients have more reliability and real time verification.

Reduce Business Risks

iPRO has a range of reporting and capabilities to help clients surface relevant risk information from the places it hides in your organisation. Risk information is connected with other relevant data into a single source of truth to discover trends and insights for decision-making.

Improve Compliance Rates

We quickly and easily implement your compliance program by onboarding your contractors. Our data technology uploads some of their required credentials before they’ve even started! Automated email reminders and active outbound calling campaigns help let them know information is required.

Reduce Business Risk

We dedicate an account manager to deliver best practice compliance programs.  Compliance is not static. It changes as your business, industry or regulatory bodies change and we enable the change with flexible compliance solutions.

Reduce Business Costs

We keep your workplace safer with a  contactless entry system via QR codes, all linked to contractor compliance. Workers can self onboard by uploading credentials and completing inductions. You can monitor who is onsite from anywhere and keep an audit trail of check-in and check-out times.

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Why iPRO

iPRO's industry-specific solutions put you back in control by helping anticipate, identify, and act across a range of regulatory areas, reducing your overall exposure and ensuring business integrity




Independent Verification
ISO certified verification process.


Real Time Tracking
Not just a once-off check. Lifetime monitoring.


Robust Data Security & Privacy
ISO27001 certified platform.


Local Australian Support Team
All data stored and processed in Australia.


Verification Experts
Over 100 million checks performed and counting.


Price Guarantee
Independent verification. Lowest cost. Guaranteed.