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Risk Management Policy

iPRO acknowledges the critical role of effective risk management to the continuity and controlled provision of our services.

iPRO’s Risk Management Policy is based on the following principles:

  • A comprehensive risk management framework is critical to making informed and accountable business decisions, reducing negative outcomes in relation to the reputation and credibility of the business; public and client confidence; and delivering our strategic, operational and financial objectives.

  • Effective team engagement and training is essential to ensure the process of risk identification, analysis, corrective/preventative actioning is communicated, understood, and implemented at all levels of the business.

  • Adherence to our risk management policy and process is the responsibility of all team members.

In keeping with our Risk Management principles iPRO will:

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an effective integrated Risk Management framework (the QSER System) thereby facilitating the achievement of strategic, operational and project objectives and priorities by reducing threats and maximising opportunities.

  • Provide the business with appropriate tools to support risk decision making, management reporting and assurance by providing mechanisms for employees to assess, prioritise, manage, monitor and regularly review all material risks in a consistent and effective manner.

  • Develop and maintain a clear and consistent set of processes and an employee education program to enable iPRO to develop an effective and transparent risk culture.

Last updated: 31/12/21

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