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Quality Policy

iPRO is committed to providing high quality services to all its customers, both internal and external.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of iPRO services, and the quality of our work is paramount to retaining our market position and paving the way for future growth. iPRO strives to exceed customer expectations through proactive continual improvement.

  • The Quality Management System is a critical factor in achieving the desired level of Client satisfaction and must take a high priority in all our meetings and communications.

  • Quality service, and by extension active participation in the Quality Management system, is the responsibility of all team members.

In keeping with our quality principles iPRO will:

  • Establish, maintain and continually improve an integrated Quality Management system (the QSER System) which complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2018.

  • Establish, evaluate and act upon quality objectives, risks and process performance to look for new opportunities to improve our services with consideration for needs of key stakeholders, such as employees, clients, professional groups and the community.

  • Enhance client satisfaction by actively seeking to understand expectations and embracing constructive feedback.

  • Monitor, comply with, and where practicable exceed, applicable statutory obligations and contractual requirements applicable to the services that we provide.

  • Empower our people to achieve quality objectives by ensuring that our people are provided with the resources and information required to efficiently and effectively fulfill their roles.

Last updated: 31/12/21

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