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The expectations of businesses are shifting. More than ever, organisations are focused on creating value amongst a broad group of stakeholders whilst managing their broader obligations to society.  Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies approach strategy, drive performance and report results.

iPRO's financial services solutions assist investors, lenders and other agencies obtain a consistent approach and greater visibility of an ever-broadening range of non-financial impact lens to measure and manage social impact. Using robust data collection, impact scoring and reporting, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of measuring social impact and unlock private capital for public good.

iPRO Software helps you manage your obligations

Gender Equality

Overcome the issue of gender inequality in the workplace with automated assessments that measure key gender indicators to help develop strategies that will tackle these constraints and improve your organisations productivity and success.

Culture & Ethnicity

Strive to understand and support cultural diversity in your organisation with automated assessments that measure ethnic diversity policy and procedures, the percentage of directors and staff that reside outside of country, complaint management and more.  Organisations are more likely to strengthen adaptability, gain competitive advantage and reduce legal risks when they go beyond meeting minimum requirements.

Age Discrimination

Combat workplace ageism with automated assessments that measure training and development opportunities, policies and procedures, job application processes, and even team activities to help deepen your understanding on a multigenerational workforce.  


Data. Secured.
Process. Optimised.
Admin. Automated.
Risk. Eliminated.

Compliance risks reduced by 70%

Compliance costs saved by up to 80%

Conditional and skip logic assessments

State-of-the-art security with ISO 27001

Business Integrity & Trust

iPRO's digital Smart Badges help businesses build greater consumer and client trust by demonstrating a commitment to meeting industry standards.

Badges are awarded on verification of credentials or the completion of a Smart Assessment and can be displayed by third parties on websites, tenders, email signatures and marketing materials.


Ready to take action?

Book your free, no obligation demo and discover how iPRO Software can help you with your ESG, CSR, and third-party compliance responsibilities.

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Why iPRO

iPRO Software puts you back in control by helping assess, identify, anticipate, and act across a range of regulatory areas, reducing your overall exposure and ensuring your business integrity.

Independent Verification

ISO certified verification process.

Real Time Tracking

Not just a once-off check. Lifetime monitoring.

Robust Data Security & Privacy

ISO27001 certified platform.

Local Australian Support Team

All data stored and processed in Australia.

Verification Experts

Over 100 million checks performed and counting.

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