VHA Governance Conference: Q&A with Oliver Roydhouse

Governance and compliance are issues faced by all healthcare organisations across Victoria.

An area of increasing focus for compliance is managing the risks posed by organisations that work at arm’s length to the organisation, such as third party contractors.

Oliver Roydhouse, CEO of VHA partner iPRO, will be presenting at the VHA and ACHG Governance Conference: Leading the Change about the simple steps to compliance best practice.

Ahead of next week’s conference we asked Oliver a few questions ranging from compliance to football!

What role can iPRO play in the healthcare industry?

The healthcare industry is increasingly reliant on third parties to run facilities and deliver service. The regulatory environment is ever changing and the need for better governance across the healthcare industry is well recognised. This can be quite overwhelming. iPRO have come up with some innovative solutions and are already working with industry leaders in large hospitals and aged care facilities.

What are three tips you can give VHA members to reduce risk in their workplace?

In addition to engaging their own workforce, they should view third party contractors as an extension of their workforce and engage with them in a similar way. My three tips are:

Verify your contractors have correct insurances and licences to perform the work they are performing.
Validate they have the right safety policies and procedures to perform the work safely.
Ensure all workers have completed a safety induction before they attend site.
iPRO, helps clients automate all these things. There is no cost for clients to use our service, so that’s an additional benefit for VHA members.

Being based in Victoria, the home of AFL, we have to ask the question – what football team do you go for?

The Cats. My great grandfather was the president of the Geelong Football Club and was awarded life membership in 1974, so I was born into it.