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Automating Contractor Compliance Management: 5 Hidden Benefits

The benefits of going paperless seem obvious right? It’s not only socially responsible by helping conserve our tress, but less paper, also helps our bottom line. In reality, the benefits don’t stop here.

By moving your manual or semi-auto contractor management processes and systems to a cloud-based contractor management solution, you can gain significant other tangible benefits, which are not always transparent.

Here’s Our Top 5 Hidden Benefits:

1. Improve operational efficiencies

While we have all embraced the benefits of electronic communication, we doubt there are few, who don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated by the volume of emails hitting one’s inbox. If you manage contractors you are likely to receive multiple emails containing credentials like licences and certificates that need to be saved and filed in an retrievable manner. Using a cloud-based contractor management solution that your contractors can directly upload their credentials, not only reduces your inbox size, but eliminates the need to download and move documents between applications, cutting back admin time.

2. Improved risk management with a reliable audit trail

Centralising contractor documents into one online management platform, that can be accessed in real-time, by multiple users, makes it easy for compliance or risk teams to gain a accurate and confident picture of your contractor compliance status.

3. Greater security over document storage

The term ‘Privacy’ is now well embedded into our business and societal values. Moving your documents online allows you to implement better document storage and security handling procedures. Unlike paper files and spreadsheets, you can easily secure and back-up documents, while also limiting access of personal contractor data to only authorised personnel.

4. Save time by improving document searching and accessibility

Time! Some would argue our scarcest commodity. There’s just never enough of it. Using an online contractor management solution makes document searches more efficient and easy, through electronic cataloguing, ultimately saving your people time and frustration! Reporting on compliance and risk becomes an effortless task with stats and charts accessible in just few clicks. And of course, let’s not forget, saving time, just equates to more time to allocate to your core business.

5. Enhance your brand reputation and improve relationships with your clients

By making contractor compliance administration and management easier, you’re more likely to hit your compliance goals, and that’s a great benefit for your business. Maintaining the highest standards in contractor management, helps build trusted relationships with your customers, who rely on the quality of the services you provide.

Want to know about unlocking the hidden benefits of automating contractor management?


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