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The Australian Border Force (ABF) has published the first tranche of Modern Slavery Statements.

PRO – a leading provider of managing third party risk through compliance verification – is excited to announce its support for the aged care sector by becoming an Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) Business Partner.

Everything we do focuses on conquering compliance. iPRO automates compliance solutions and improves risk management beyond health and safety; we take compliance to the next level. We use big data and subject matter experts to automate credential verification and evidence-based assessments, so you don’t have to.

iPRO enables Aged Care providers to deliver safe and quality care by assessing and managing contractors, suppliers, and allied health professionals’ compliance via iPRO Smart Badges, to build trust and to ensure they have the right credentials in place when providing services to your facilities, whether on site or within your supply chain.

Our services and solutions will continue to prove compliance into the future too, as new requirements emerge following the outcome of the Royal Commission in 2021. We partner with providers over the course of the changing Aged Care landscape to navigate, interpret and simplify new compliance obligations to keep enabling safe and quality care.

In this way, iPRO’s commitment to Aged Care goes beyond compliance; we welcome shared-values partnerships that can extend from merely transactional collaboration to ones that contribute to positive transformation of the sector.

“This is an exciting opportunity to partner with a national peak body who advocates and supports non-profit aged care, it will ensure iPRO remains at the forefront and connected to the aged and community services market needs” said iPRO Chief Revenue Officer, Gina Herbert. “We will embrace the opportunity to understand the unique challenges faced in the sector, contribute our expertise, knowledge and insights, with a view to support ACSA”.

Learn more about how iPRO can help you deliver aged care quality standard through automated compliance checks, contact us to schedule a demo or click here for more information on our Health and Aged Care solutions.


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